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A Chinese medical practice that has been around for thousands of years, it involves the temporary insertion of thread-like, stainless steel needles at strategic points near the surface of the body and the partial warming of the skin on some points called «moxas ». The procedure consists of one or several treatments durably activating the body’s natural healing abilities against numerous sicknesses.

It is a practice that has been found to be effective in both human and veterinary medical practices, but has no place in botanical practices. It is only applicable to living organisms with defined forms (homeostasis) equipped with a central nervous system.

This method of precisely mapping points on the skin, it should be emphasized, has remained surprisingly unchanged for over 3000 years and is a uniformly accepted medical practice in both Eastern and Western cultures. The same goes for a number of other theories which handle connections between points: meridian lines and their control points, points-body relations, points-functions, points-tissues, etc...

On the other hand, effective guidelines, or practical instructions, still require greater clarification, precision and standardization. It is necessary that further research be made into this alternative medicine due to its effectiveness and clear medical potential.

Acupuncture, in its many spheres of practice, offers, if carried out with the proper clinical protocol, the potential to bring truly curative results without the danger of damaging side effects.