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The concept of energy is addressed and recognized by " classic " medicine. A doctor who considers that his patient " lacks energy " prescribes a treatment to " give it back to him. " But at the same time, it is repudiated as non-scientific, invisible, intangible and immeasurable. The oriental medecine relies upon what we prefer to call energetic activity, a concept better adapted to a less empirical doctrine.

If the thousand-year-old Chinese medicine retains its belief in an energy that travels through the body's meridians, and if the practitioner is able to manipulate it via the points of acupuncture, we can propose another theory.

It is most probable that the acupuncture point serves as the command button of a network centralized in the brain. It is at this central level that energetic activity is diffused.
Energy has a conductor : the brain.

Stimulated by the acupuncture points along the meridians, the brain, which is thus reprogrammed, mobilizes the energetic activity of the body.