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A healthy re-examination of dogmatic principles : the pulse, often elusive…
Ancestral Chinese medicine, with all its infinite therapeutic resources, grows out of a culture that is often contradictory to our own : The thousand-year-old traditions and beliefs of the Orient, at odds with the rigorous pragmatism of the West.

The examination is both quantitative and qualitative. Theoretically, these observations help the practitioner to localize his treatment for the implantation of needles or the localized warmth of the " moxa ".
Taking the pulse is extremely important as it is the source of essential information, albeit somewhat imprecise and intuitive. For any practitioner capable of questioning theories considered by some to be indisputable, this type of examination is frustrating. Add to this the obvious fact that noone is capable of measuring the energetic activity, invisible and impalpable, of the 12 meridians, and the practice of acupuncture, despite its remarkable results, gives pause for thought, spurring a desire for progress and a need for evolution.
The TEM method is a step toward modern acupuncture.

The TEM method is a step toward modern acupuncture.