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A modern approach of acupuncture which takes into account that the human body as a whole is best investigated through the TEM questionnaire, rather than through the traditional means which principally rely on pulsology (medical practices based on a person's pulse) and tongue diagnosis.

Thus, by focusing more on the body's core, treatment is more effective of those diseases directly stemming from the core, as is treatment of all diseases veritably linked to stress.

By solving better the problems which are directly related to the body's core, it is possible to clarify our understanding of clinical protocols for diseases which are not or slightly dependent on it, or at least not as much as is being claimed.

Thus acupuncture TEM allows to propose clear and totally reproducible protocols in most of the indications of acupuncture :

  • It includes the treatment of bodily pain by focusing the treatment on the body’s Meridian lines and major arteries based on the location and characteristic symptoms of the pain.
  • It also makes use of various other traditional practices (5 elements, Iu-Mo points, mucus syndrome, etc...)
  • It allows Eastern medicine to overview Western symptoms.
  • These two combined methods, the treatment of the core and the reproducible clinical protocols, sometimes working in tandem, often alternating or following each other, offer the possibility of permanently solving numerous ailments.


Clinical Observation

The treatment of a patient, whatever his state at the offset ,with approximately two acupuncture sessions per month depending on the results of TEM questionnaire, will create a balance in the nervous system and an extraordinary physical resistance while purifying the pathologies which are directly linked to stress-related conditions. Any other treatment thereafter will be made easier and, with a newly cleansed core, be more effective overall. Any new ailments will be more rapidly treatable as well.

A pre-cleansed core makes it possible to better understand a number of diseases (asthma, psoriasis, gastroduodenal ulcer,….) as well as find more appropriate treatment methods .Thus, there is nothing preventing the separation of core treatment from the disease treatment.. Although it is known that if the core is left untreated, the recurrence of disease is more likely.

For example, regarding psoriasis, a disease which is entirely curable through TEM acupuncture, we have greatly exaggerated the psychosomatic aspect of this disease to the point that it is actually classified as an auto immune deficiency. In reality, it is perfectly possible to cure the disease first without treating the nervous core, and then address the core of the stress. The same is true in reverse.


Practical purpose

The TEM acupuncture method, while theoretically possible and effective without the aid of computers, draws its true power when used alongside the TEM software which integrates 3 separate categories of parameters :

  • the patient's responses to the TEM questionnaire
  • the diseases which the practitioner selects for treatment
  • information which is provided to the practitioner via a series of windows presenting questions relating to the selected diseases, as well as information about the patient as the source of these diseases


In conclusion

The TEM method is a global, complete, and precise approach to a healthy core which is based on balancing the body's natural Meridian lines, using the TEM questionnaire.

It has given rise, by the results it has shown regarding stress related diseases and by clarifying the problems of many other diseases, to a more effective and progressive form of the ancient practice of acupuncture: TEM Acupuncture.


The course of treatment 

The acupunctural stimulation: The intervention associates two modes :

  • Stimulation of the surface sensitivity by needles or laser. TEM has been tested according to the laser mode in continuous emission of a wave length of 830 nm for an energy of 0,6 Joules (for instance, 60 mW in 10 seconds)
  • Also stimulation of the deep sensitivity by moxa, which consists in heating up to saturation the acupuncture point by the presentation, at a short distance (approximately 1 in) from the incandescent extremity of a wormwood cigar or an electric moxa (Moxel)

Rate and length of treatment 

How old the condition is determines the total length of the treatment.
A condition going back to several days only needs on session. For chronic cases, a second session is needed between 7 and 10 days after, a third one between 10 and 15 days later, and then 2 sessions per month until complete healing.
A disorder existing since several years will not disappear quickly. Its regression will occur through several months, and maybe a year, but the subject’s condition is changing after the first sessions.
From the first session to the second, and then the third, the patient shows an improvement most of the time.
Rare are the people not reacting after the third session.