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The TEM Software, whose first purpose was the TEM questionnaire and its effective results on stress, has become the complete tool for the practice of acupuncture under totally optimized conditions.

Apart from the multiple functions for facilitating daily use, it also includes :

  • A scroll-down menu of MORE THAN A HUNDRED DISEASES, allowing access to ultra-precise and effective treatment protocols after filling in standard western clinical parameters.
  • The treatment points are proposed in the form of a session plan in anatomical order, both for the laser points (or needles) and for the moxa points.
  • Each proposed point can be seen by photo with the anatomical placement and the nearby points as well.
  • The possibility of developing one’s own treatment protocols to add to the scroll-down menu of diseases.
    In the case of pain, the software can fully help in correcting disturbances in the meridians going by the modalities of the pains and their topography selected on the photos.
    Any violations of the Extraordinary Vessels are then taken into account automatically !