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The TEM Concept is applied with the absolute respect for the global vision of the human being. By their very essence, the physical, psychic, and behavioural are interactive and intimately dependent, without hierarchy. In the logic of Chinese medicine, a psychic problem can not be relegated exclusively to psyche. It could be simply a sign of a physical deficiency. What connects these states is the meridians, structures of fine tuning between the different functions, which explains the eminently important character of their balance or re-balancing.

Thus, it becomes clear and natural for the practitioner to evaluate the “full” and “empty” character (state) of each meridian, via this physical and psycho-behavioural tuning (pulsion) , its definition according to its condition, an example of characteristic behaviour.
These elements are illustrated schematically in the form of a chart designating "temperaments".


Acupuncture, through access to meridians,
allows us to rediscover the correspondence
between the physical and the psychic.


For example, the kidney meridian is related to the «decisive faculty ". When correctly adjusted it allows the optimisation of its own healing ability, or if in excess (full), it can generate authoritative, invasive behaviour.
If deficient (empty), it generates a tendency toward indecision, in serious cases, a chronic deliberation, a sort of decisional paralysis.

These correspondences resulting from the state of the meridians, give an exhaustive psycho-behavioural panorama rich in information and in therapeutic perspectives.