Key concept > Balancing all meridians


1- A return to the source.

Acupuncture is based upon the theory that energy travels along 12 meridians distributed throughout the human body. These “resonate” with all of the organs and vital functions of the body, each meridian being the “guardian” of one particular organ.

Ideally, this energy circulates on an optimal frequency and guarantees the healthy state of organs “controlled” by their meridian. The state of health originates from this balance. A meridian that is “out of balance” provokes not only physical disorders, but also psychological and behavioural disturbances. That is to say, each meridian is not only tuned into its organ, but also to the brain, to which no meridian is directly attributed.

TEM acupunctural medicine considers that the brain is the organ common to all meridians, it is "the organ that acts as control center". Thus, one can advance the theory that meridians are at the base of psychosomatic manifestations. In this way, the TEM Concept has a well founded mission and leads in its clinical practice to exceptionally effective results. Balancing meridians, means liberating energies for the good of the body as well as the mind.

2- The effects of maladjustment of meridians.

Once this unbreakable link, this intimate pairing of body and mind in the theory and practice of Chinese medicine and acupuncture is accepted, another principle follows: the brain can not function in a balanced way unless all meridians are also balanced.

A lack of balance will produce a sort of “negative filter” between the inner personality and its environment (distortion of the analysis of events, parasitism of mental moods, behavioural disturbances).