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Stress and revealed ...

The state of stress, a source of negative stress, is an illness.

As a general rule, illnesses develop when the foundation of health, weakened, can no longer effectively resist omnipresent aggressive elements. The same is true for the state of stress.
The human organism is upset by the degradation of its environment. This imbalance comes about slowly, meaning, in a progressive course that is not always perceived as unpleasant or painful. Progressively, the foundation deteriorates and the state of stress develops: the feeling of being aggressed daily takes hold.

The imbalance of the foundation effects not only the mind, but at the same time, the body. This is manifested by psychosomatic ills of progressive seriousness: allergies, auto-immune illnesses, cancers.
TEM disregards the accumulation of aggressions and reconstructs the foundation. In its theory, largely inspired by thousand-year-old acupuncture, the energetic imbalance of meridians reflects the disorder of the neurological organization of the brain producing the negative filter, the key manifestation of the state of stress. Meridian re-balancing corrects the phenomenon of distortion and the collateral malfunctions.

From a state of mental, psychic and physical “inadaptation”, the TEM method succeeds in reversing these alterations, restoring an objective image of existence to the patient who suffers and giving him a feeling of well-being. Curing stress and its effects is the primary target of the TEM method.
The results observed attest to its effectiveness.