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Genesis of a discovery, perfecting a tool: the TEM software

The pertinent and repeated correlation between the state of a meridian and the behavioural profile has incited us to establish a chart of "temperaments” relating physical and psycho-behavioural correspondences (revealing hypo or hyper energies.)

But the symptomatology is so complex and abundant that the framework of a consultation does not allow an exhaustive approach, an approach that is not limited just to a questionnaire, but to the interactivity of the answers.

Computers become naturally the ultimate tool for defining a precise profile for each patient, a personalized and evolving tool rich in indications for the practitioner engaged directly in the patient-treatment binomial. This software reveals a remarkable effectiveness on patients suffering from depression and insomnia. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in the treatment of PTSD (post war psychic traumatism) by the United Nations in four clinics in Bosnia for the past three years.

A step forward has been taken with TEM: from the static observation of the effects of imbalanced meridians toward a therapeutic dynamic that is effective, modern and scientific. Re-balancing meridians leads the practitioner to a global vision of medicine, body and mind, and to harmonious and effective treatment.