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The treatment is based on a series of Acupuncture Stimulation appointments. Each appointment starts with a Computer step.

  •  The patient creates or selects his/her Personal Sheet on a Video Screen and starts the TEM Questionnaire. The questions are referred to his/her present condition.
  •  The answers are of the kind “YES”, “NO” or “X” when the first to are not applicable. The “X” answer is analysed case by case and is not to be considered as a “no answer”.
  •  The questionnaire is Interactive. Each answer is related to the ones given before. While the first question is chosen on a randomised base, all the others interact with the answers given. The questionnaire “understands” the Patient and adjusts itself to the closest profile. It becomes the image of the Patients emotional state at every appointment.
  • In relation to the answers, the Patient may be presented 65 to 103 questions for a duration of 8 to 15 minutes.