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The Practitioner has the complete protocol of the treatment of the Patients condition and a punctual evaluation of the causes of stress through :

  • The control points to be treated as a matter of priority corresponding to the Meridians which are mostly out of balance. On a secondary screen will find full details of all eventual other meridians out of balance for a complementary specific treatment.
  • Key-points of the “Special Meridians” for which the “out of Balance” state results in Anxiety.
  • Generic Energy Points to correct Metabolic dysfunctions (absence of natural thirst, thermoregulation problems…).
  • Points related to particular energy troubles which are specific of patients suffering from insomnia.

A great majority of the Points used in TEM belong to the traditional “Nomenclature”.

The only one which makes exception is related to the 1PP point which is a close alternative to the point 2VG. If the Practitioner wishes to add complementary treatments, every element is grouped in order to avoid to damage the Fundamental Meridian Equilibration, key secret of the method in order to reach the final aim: the Patients Recovery.


The Acupuncture Stimulation

It is obtained throughout two methods :

  • Using Needles or Laser. TEM was tested on a laser based method using a direct emission of a laser beam wave of 830 nm and 0.6 Joules of energy (i.e. 60 mW for 10 seconds).
  • Using stimulation of deep sensibility obtained with a “moxa”, which consists in heating-up an acupuncture point, till reaching its saturation point; this is obtained presenting the lighted-up end of an “armoise” cigar or of an electric Moxa (moxel) at a small distance of the skin (2 to 3cm).