TEM Questionnaire > Therapeutic results


70% of patients get better rapidly
20% have a slow evolution which leads to a total recovery
10% do not react to the treatment


Secondary effects and drawbacks :

Any. The TEM treatment has only positive effects.

Only a sane tiredness, sometimes very intense is perceived after the first appointment. An inner work takes place which the patient organism is not used to. This tiredness is perceived as a good tiredness, as the one we get after sports.

The Evolution :

A positive evolution effects 90% of the cases of depression, insomnia, stress..

Nevertheless if on one hand the evolution is generally impressing, on the other hand it can have a slow start, or manifest on inconstant basis. Patients report to be of "better humor", to take a certain distance from usual preoccupations that lead anxiety and feel that life turns to be "normal" again.

The final result of the treatment is the full recovery of intellectual concentration.

Number of Points on the final screen :

During the first appointments there are usually many points to be treated. This number of Points to be treated follows a decrease which is quite linear. Sometimes on the occasion of the second appointment, rarely on the third, it can happen that the number of points might increase; this is because the System has more information on the Patients case.

Anyway, as a matter of principle, good results get along with the decrease of points to be treated.

When the recovery is obtained, usually the System comes up with one or two points.