TEM Questionnaire > The root meridian




It is the meridian that is the only correct end of treatment, when things are going much better, almost everything well.

At this point TEM will indicate only the Dispertion Point or, on the contrary, the Tonification Point of the Root Meridian.

All along the treatment by TEM, it is possible to notice the gradual loss of all those points linked to anxiety, insomnia and other energy troubles. The same happens with the "Controle Points" of Meridians.

In other words, it can be stated that the points which result after each TEM appointment are strictly linked to the various troubles reported by patients; as the patient feels better, the points decrease in number and intensity (position on the Meridian).

When this result is achieved, it is then a good advise to continue the appointments once every 15 days, at least till small perturbations are accused by the Patient and then, when everything is fine, once every 3 months.

We can observe that only one (sometimes two) Meridians remain slightly out of balance. This is a sort of "Achille's heel for the Patient. Even though the appointment shall consist in treating one only Meridian, not bad!

TEM will be still very effective in cementing the results and avoid any risk of fall-back.