Laser acupuncture and moxa

Laser acupuncture and moxa


Acupuncture can be perfectly applied by laser with the same effectiveness. 

Laser is a simple tool, replacing needles, with numerous advantages: totally painless, it avoids breaking the skin and is completely safe.


laser 1


The TEM method does not involve use of laser, but does benefit from more than 20 years’ experience of laser stimulation traditionally recognized as effective: laser categorized as soft-laser with a continuous emission of infra-red type at a minimum of 0,6 Joules.

The time of stimulation is thus 10 seconds with veritable power at 60mW (mkw brand lasers, for example).

just a little longer than needles to set up, patients have a particular preference for laser (especially the smallest patients... ).



Critics of laser, and they are still numerous among acupuncturists, claim the importance of tradition and at the same time are proud of the fact that acupuncture goes back 4000 years. They reclaim the immutable needle while prehistoric acupuncture actually made use of sharpened stones !
A few decry the destruction of the acupuncture point, ignoring the fact that the skin is unaffected by a laser power not exceeding, as the case goes, a tenth of a Watt.
Those who claim to have tried laser without results have most likely not used the correct points or mostly, as we will see below, have not added the necessary moxas.
Knowing and respecting tradition is important, evolving with it is even better !




If we start with the notion according to which acupuncture consists of a sensitive stimulation of the skin, how can we analyze the heat stimulation affected by a moxa ?

Traditional physiology distinguishes two types of cutaneous sensibility, one qualified as superficial, and the other as inner.

Each one sends its signal by means of distinct nerve roots, which means that from the same point in the skin, one can send two different signals that will manifest themselves at brain level in two different spots and will consequently not have the same effect.